• Bring To Nothing The Power And Lies of Freemasonry and Sang-Real

    The Two Anti-Christ Forces We Are Assigned To Deal with:  Feb. 21, 2019, 09:58 AM

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    Chiefly, it is based on the same principle how G-d destroyed the unity and power at Babel, when the people had one language and were all in agreement. What you two call a “ritual” is not really a ritual but is meant to “dismember” the various fractions of Freemasonry, of which the “offspring,” the descendants are all over the world. Their strength lays in the Luciferian covenant they make with each other, all who are of the 30 degrees or higher. They curse themselves with death if they break the covenant. I have studied the Freemasons, attended lectures that I may know what and whom we are dealing with.


    SANG REAL-Royal Blood lines of the European Royal houses’ claim to be descendants of Jesus

    SANGREAL – the Holy Grail tale Bloodline of the holy grail – the claims of European royalty

    The same is true for His instructions about the Sang Real, a powerful anti-Christ movement I carefully researched, so that I am pretty knowledgeable about it, but most people are wholly unaware of it. They can be trapped in that spider’s net so easily because they love and adore “their” royals. Most Christians have no idea about this bunch who are planning to take away from our Lord crown, city and Land. Oh yes, Satan, that deceiver, is very busy with deceiving the peoples, but especially Christians AND – Jews!

    The Sang Real has 2 sides to it:

    1. Holy Grail – the alleged blood of Yeshua having been caught in a chalice by Joseph of Arimathea and taken by boat to the British isles. It does not say to England. Brit-ish in Hebrew means “man of the covenant / ‘brit = covenant; ish = man.” The fictual stories about him and who came with him abound.
    2. It eventually leads to the Sang Real aka Royal Blood, which claims descent from Yeshua who allegedly married Mary Magdalene. Their child was rescued and taken by Joseph of Arimathea to the British isles. And the royal houses of Europe all claim descent from this child, claiming to be the rightful heirs to the throne of David and to rule over and from Jerusalem. This is the extreme short version of all the books and texts out there about those claims – the Sangreal aka Holy Grail; and the Sang Real aka Royal blood.

    We are to go at the root of this and although we cannot undo them as to removing them, we MUST decree their failure just like Abba had us decree into WWIV [referred to as “Armageddon”] and WWV [war over Jerusalem, the time of Yeshua’s Return to earth], the failure of those 2 world wars. We could not undo the wars but we could undo for them to succeed with what they will plan with those wars.

    It’s the same with that SANG REAL: we are to decree their failure on every level with which they will be trying to challenge Yeshua’s claim to the throne of David and to being the ruler in and from Jerusalem. And the Church must be made aware of who they are, Satan’s very effective anti-Christ movement that will deceive the many, and all those dear 5 sleeping foolish virgins who kept their eyes closed and their ears stopped up so they keep blindly loving their royals who will be challenging the very Savior and Lord they claim to love.

    Oh, what a spider’s net. But we are commissioned to DESTROY THE NET! Yes, we cannot destroy the “spider,” but we can and must and shall destroy his net!

    Amen and Amen to that! You can see how important it is to take our stand against Satan and his works, for Yeshua has come to undo the works of the evil one and we, as His disciples and God’s children, have the same tasks. LET’S DO IT!

  • A net of incredibly wicked deception is being spread across the globe, deception that is invisible to the simple minded, the ignorant, the uncaring, those for whom truth is “relative” or already psychologically pre-conditioned to reject the truth as false; those who take pleasure in falsehood, lies, slander, false accusations, violence and unrighteousness.

    The following is probably the most bizarre and preposterous account you’ve ever heard, on equal footing with the lies and deceptions made known on the preceding pages. You might find it impossible to believe and thus the people involved will have an immediate advantage over you – one step ahead of you. The blinders of disbelief allow them to keep weaving their “invisible” net to catch in it not only the unsuspecting, but to wrap up the whole world in it, as a spider does with his victims.

    It is vital to be aware of and informed of these “beliefs” and on-goings, which are devious and crafty beyond imagination. The root of it is Satanic. It is Satan’s attempt to prevent G-d’s Kingdom from being established on earth by usurping G-d’s true Covenant people, their Land, as well as the throne of David.

    This is a true, factual, extremely powerful and covert “anti-Christ” movement!

    These people are real, as are their claims and vital part in the “New World Order” of things.

    The House of Windsor claims that it is the one and only true heir to the throne of David and the future rulers seated in Jerusalem. Their claim, however, has been disputed because they are descendants of the German royal lineages of Saxon-Coburg-Gotha. The lineage that claims the “sang-real/blood royal” is the Scottish House of Stuarts (also written Stewards or Stewarts), of which Diana was a descendant.

    Hence, for the British royal family who changed their name to “Windsor” in 1914 to have a “legitimate” claim to the royal bloodline of King David, the marriage between Charles and Diana was essential.

    There are two versions of the “Sangral,” or “Sang-real”:

    1. The “Holy Grail”40 the chalice from which Yeshua drank and which contained drops of Yeshua’s blood, was brought to England by Joseph of Arimathea who set up a guard over the Grail, namely the Knights Templar41 who were and are the guardians of the “Holy Grail.”

    In fact, the British claim to be descendants of the lost ten tribes, mainly from Menasseh and Ephraim, and regard themselves as the true Israelites42, superior to all other peoples and destined to rule the world. This explains their attitude of superiority, and what got them to expand their rule across the globe so that the “sun never sets on the British Empire.”43

    2. This is the most satanic “anti-Christ” tale for sure. The House of Stuart insists that they are the true “Blood Royal / Sang-real,” being direct descendants of Jesus’ blood line through his marriage to Mary Magdalene. This they not only BELIEVE but adamantly CLAIM, and have made statements to that effect that no one but they alone have the rightful claim to the throne of David, and will eventually rule the world from Jerusalem, upon the throne of David. The Knights Templar are supposed to be the guardians of this Sangreal (Blood Royal)44.

    When I researched the House of Stuart some years ago, I came upon their web site in which they listed their extensive genealogies. Patrick Steward, the actor who played the baldheaded captain of the “Enterprise,” was listed in one of those lineages. I wish to G-d I had copied and saved those pages because this particular web site has disappeared, at least for us “ordinary” folks.

    The following Quote is from a “MasterMason.com” web site: Knights Templar

    Sir Laurence Gardner, whom we reference many times here, is Kt St Gm, KCD, is an internationally known sovereign and chivalric genealogist. He holds the position of Grand Prior of the Celtic Church’s Sacred Kindred of Saint Columba, and is distinguished as the Chevalier Labhr?n de Saint Germain. Sir Laurence is also Presidential Attaché to the European Council of Princes, a constitutional advisory body established in 1946. He is formally attached to the Noble Household Guard of the Royal House of Stewart, founded at St Germain-en-Laye in 1692, and is the Jacobite Historiographer Royal. If you have done any research at all, you know that the ‘House of Stewart’ and the Jacobites45 are very important to the history of the order.

    Laurence Gardner has been granted privileged access to European Sovereign and Noble archives, along with favored insight into Chivalric and Church repositories. He proves for the first time that there is a royal heritage of the Messiah, and documents the systematic and continuing suppression of these records tracing the descent of the sacred lineage down through the centuries.

    The Merovingians46 were known about in the time of Pope Gregory (540-604), who we indentified as the instigator of the ‘Mary Magdalene the Prostitute’ myth on our ‘Forbidden series’. For those of you who haven’t read the books, we will recap briefly the important points and facts that Lincoln, Baigent and Leigh found to support the claims in the documents. Holy Blood Holy Grail took 12 years of research and it has everything to do with The Knights Templar. Many Templar orders in the UK are now called ‘Priory’. Links to those and other sites are on the bottom of the page.

    We leave it up to the reader to determine if the Priory is fake or not or what it’s purpose was or is. We have however found evidence that the Merovingian family is real and continues” End of Quote

    These families of European royalties, and American families claiming descent from their bloodlines, among them the Bush family47 of the two former Presidents, are part of the “string-pullers” – including the Papacy – for the New World Order of a One World Government.

    To ignore this “anti-Christ”48 movement would be imprudent, to say the least. The Body of Messiah must be on “his toes,” as children of the light wholly alert and sober, paying heed to the Lord’s warnings by His “watchmen.”

    I list here several web sites whose content proves rather repulsive, but it is NOT just “silly” or stupid talk. This is VERY real and not only believed, but for those who are part of that “secret elite” plotting toward that One World Government, it is plain fact, as they skillfully manipulate the gullible masses who are oblivious to what is happening to them. They mock the “conspiracy” theories, since their “psychological warfare” has already conditioned the masses to reject the truth. Their deceptions are so outrageously bold, the lies so huge, that people can’t grasp the fallacy of the deception, preferring to accept the sham and fabrication as truth. Only the elect who remain alert and heed the warnings, clinging to the One and Only Truth – the Word of G-d, ALL of it, not only one third – will not be deceived.

    Hence, we can see even more clearly that the House of Windsor, the House of Stuart, as well as the other European royal houses are in fact “competing” with – or better, trying to replace and usurp – the true House and Heir of David: Yeshua, Son of G-d and Son of Man (Ben Elohim and Ben Adam), the risen Savior, Messiah, Lord of lords and King of kings, the only King of Israel and Ruler of the world from Jerusalem.

    The recent royal wedding of the House of Windsor of Prince William to Kate Middleton loses all “romance” in light of its true goal. ALL members of this “Sangreal / Blood Royal” clan were there, even those of whom only the “initiated” know that they too are members. We can see now why the U.K. is so very anti-Israel, why the BBC is one of the worst Israel bashers, why Obama got into the White House no matter what.

    It is all in the Scriptures. However, since many read only what pleases and suits them in what is called the O.T., the majority of Christianity might not recognize the so-called “anti-Christ,” expecting someone, something, that does not line up with the truth. Likewise, the religious leaders of Yeshua’s days looked for a Messiah in accordance with THEIR expectations and not what G-d’s Word clearly foretold.

    It is the duty of G-d’s messengers to speak and publish the truth, fight ignorance, bring down those centuries old strongholds in order to rescue many from that WICKED DECEPTION, of which Yeshua said that it will be such that if possible, even the elect would be deceived.

    “Blessed is he who reads aloud [in the assemblies and for himself] the words of this prophecy; and blessed are those who hear [it read; for faith comes by hearing], and who keep themselves true to the things that are written in it – heeding them and laying them to heart – for the time [for them to be fulfilled] is near.”49

    “He who is able to hear, let him listen to and heed what the Spirit says to the Kehilot [assemblies, churches]. He who conquers shall not be hurt by the second death.”50

    Yours in Yeshua,




    {XZ The title picture is composed of the Knights Templar Royal Crusader shield and the Masonic ring – Knights Templar crest, on top of the Sang Real / Royal Blood logo
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    We also begin to recognize what and who the “anti-Christ” movement consists of — the Knights Templar, Freemasons, the Jacobians, Merovingians, European Royal houses, Middle Eastern Royal houses, New Agers; all who seek to usurp the covenant G-d made with His people, their land, David’s throne, and get the whole world under their control: the masses of “dhimmis” who are granted special status and more rights than the “servants” and “slaves,” while they, the “god”-like rulers of the NWO, will extend “peace and prosperity” across the globe…
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    47 The Windsor – Bush Bloodline ; The Bush Family Genealogy – To be read with a big “grain of salt;” seems to be even more outlandish than all of the “outlandish” I’ve already read and researched:
    48 “Identity of the Antichrist Revealed 2012” ; interesting reading, and well researched. It is just as Paul wrote in the 2nd letter to the Thessalonians 2:9-10, 11 that “The coming of the LAWLESS one by the ACTIVITY OF SATAN will be with all power, and pretended signs and wonders, and with ALL WICKED DECEPTION for those who are to perish [foreknown by G-d from before the foundation of the world], because they REFUSED to love the truth and so be saved…”
    If they never heard the truth, they can’t refuse it. They have to hear it first and then RECOGNIZE it to be the truth; and only THEN can they refuse to love it.
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