• Bring To Nothing The Power And Lies of Freemasonry and Sang-Real

    Regarding The Freemasonry Instructions:  Feb. 21, 2019, 09:58 AM

    6 Masonic symbols and signs of 250+ symbols


    Chiefly, it is based on the same principle how G-d destroyed the unity and power at Babel, when the people had one language and were all in agreement. What you two call a “ritual” is not really a ritual but is meant to “dismember” the various fractions of Freemasonry, of which the “offspring,” the descendants are all over the world. Their strength lays in the Luciferian covenant they make with each other, all who are of the 30 degrees or higher. They curse themselves with death if they break the covenant. I have studied the Freemasons, attended lectures that I may know what and whom we are dealing with.
    To the Apostles B. & B. (NOT Bed & Breakfast, LOL)

    We are to dismember them, i.e. either cutting up a poster or a model, essentially do the same what G-d did when he dismembered their unity by splitting them into many languages so that they could not understand each other anymore.

    But we are moreover to put to death with fire these members by burning them into ashes.

    The strength of Freemasons lies in their unity! Abba wants THAT utterly destroyed!

    We are dealing with a satanic creation here, Lucifer being the “god” of Freemasonry, all of the branches of Freemasonry. It is a Luciferian “faith.” For this reason the flames, burning the dismembered body of Freemasonry to ashes.

    Then to bring the divine judgment down upon those ashes with the blessed water, salt and the oil. Then we are to send this what was done into every direction of heaven and earth and under the earth – to the end that no matter what branch of Freemasonry, they will no longer be able to agree just as they could no longer understand each other at Babel. And once they can no longer agree, regardless in which nation they live, their “Luciferian language” having been destroyed and burned to ashes, whether politicians, industrialists, artists, athletes, whatever, they will become enemies towards one another rather than being united.

    That’s what this “ritual” is all about. G-d has not changed one iota, and what He had some of His prophets do in the so-called OT (Old Covenant), He still does in our days. Agabus showed Paul that he would be taken prisoner by binding himself. He also showed about the coming famine. Isaiah had to go around with a yoke on his neck and shoulders and naked except for a loin cloth (Isa. 10:27; 20:2).

    G-d is using symbols to accomplish and effect the rendering powerless of this satanic power movement of Freemasonry.

  • SANGREAL – the Holy Grail tale SANG REAL-Royal Blood lines of the European Royal houses’ claim to be descendants of Jesus https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laurence_Gardner; he unites holy grail tale with the claims of European royalty

    The same is true for His instructions about the Sang Real, a powerful anti-Christ movement I carefully researched, so that I am pretty knowledgeable about it, but most people are wholly unaware of it. They can be trapped in that spider’s net so easily because they love and adore “their” royals. Most Christians have no idea about this bunch who are planning to take away from our Lord crown, city and Land. Oh yes, Satan, that deceiver, is very busy with deceiving the peoples, but especially Christians AND – Jews!

    The Sang Real has 2 sides to it:

    1. Holy Grail – the alleged blood of Yeshua having been caught in a chalice by Joseph of Arimathea and taken by boat to the British isles. It does not say to England. Brit-ish in Hebrew means “man of the covenant / ‘brit = covenant; ish = man.” The fictual stories about him and who came with him abound.
    2. It eventually leads to the Sang Real aka Royal Blood,which claims descent from Yeshua who allegedly married Mary Magdalene. Their child was rescued and taken by Joseph of Arimathea to the British isles. And the royal houses of Europe all claim descent from this child, claiming to be the rightful heirs to the throne of David and to rule over and from Jerusalem. This is the extreme short version of all the books and texts out there about those claims – the Sangreal aka Holy Grail; and the Sang Real aka Royal blood.

    We are to go at the root of this and although we cannot undo them as to removing them, we MUST decree their failure just like Abba had us decree into those two wars their failure. We could not undo the wars but we could undo for them to succeed with what they will plan to do with those wars.

    It’s the same with that SANG REAL: we are to decree their failure on every level with which they will be trying to challenge Yeshua’s claim to the throne of David and to being the ruler in and from Jerusalem. And the Church must be made aware of who they are, satan’s very effective anti-Christ movement that will deceive the many, and all those dear 5 sleeping foolish virgins who kept their eyes closed and their ears stopped up so they keep blindly loving their royals who will be challenging the very Savior and Lord they claim to love.

    Oh, what a spider’s net. But we are commissioned to DESTROY THE NET! Yes, we cannot destroy the “spider,” but we can and must and shall destroy his net!

    Amen and Amen to that!

    Has nothing to do with rituals. It’s a very real and effective thing we are to do. And I do pray that Abba will confirm it to you, B., and to you, B. ♥

    Yes, beloved brothers, this is all very REAL!

    See you both soon, and we SHALL accomplish all of Abba’s purpose.

    Love & blessings,

    Mama Israel


    Mar 17, 2020, 9:33 AM; to Apostles B. & B.

    Dear ones,

    I just found this letter for which I searched and searched and that seemed to have been lost in my SENT folder. It got to be done! We have time right now to do it before the Lord overturns this virus test-drive and you can come to Israel.

    Be mighty in His Name which is above ever name being names in heaven, on earth and under the earth, in the past, present and future. Hence, His Name is above that corona name.

    Update: Also these 2 assignments have not as yet been carried out thanks to covid-19. What do you think? Could it be that our adversary does not want any of our divine assignments carried out because it interferes with his destructive plans of steal, kill and destroy? The more you can see how important it is to take our stand against him and his works, for Yeshua has come to undo the works of the evil one and we, as His disciples and God’s children, have the same tasks. LET’S DO IT!

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