A Clarion Call From The Eilat Prayer Tower

    This is a clarion call from the Lord’s Prayer Tower in Eilat, Israel, to undo satan’s evil works of the corona virus, its vaccines and the dismantling of democracies to form dictatorial ‘republics.’

    My name is Annelore Rasco [aka “Elinor” aka “Mama Israel”], founder of Or Tzion, Inc. , and director of the Lord’s Eilat Prayer Tower . I am inviting you to join a weekly prayer meeting via Zoom. Most of you know me already. My profile and the purpose of the Eilat Prayer Tower are outlined on its website:

    The teams consist of disciples who know and understand the power of prayer and of God’s Voice, the shofar. We are Messiah Yeshua’s ‘bondslaves’ as opposed to mere ‘servants’ who receive payment for their service. We, as Bondslaves, obey our Master joyfully without payment. As Bondslaves, we join our Master as freed men, surrendered and bonded to Him as slaves out of love, ready to carry out any task, great or small, without reward.

    Or Tzion, Inc.’s supporters and followers seek not after titles and recognition, nor apply worldly standards to promote ourselves as important and trustworthy as do many of today’s ministries[1] who rely on titles, international success and fame to draw as much financial and prayer support as possible. Self-aggrandization is not the Kingdom way. Messiah Yeshua made His Father’s Kingdom standards plain in Matthew 20:25-28; 23:11-12; Mark 9:35; Lk 22:24-27 and as with the choice of men for His disciples. The Father also made His Way clear when the greatest event in mankind’s history was made known NOT to national, religious or military leaders, not to the rich and wise and famous but to lowly shepherds. They were the first to kneel in a stable at the manger, the lowly birth place of the Savior, the very Son of God, King of kings and Lord of lords. (Hence, I and some of my fellow servants define ourselves as ‘manger people.’-:)

    Why this long introduction? Because we seek wholly devoted intercessors and prayer warriors of whatever worldly station[2] (1 Cor. 1:26-29) who have but one agenda – the Lord’s! They long to be His vessels to pray His Will into the earth through travail and the Voice of the shofar. The power and might wielded by God’s children when VOICING His Word in prayer (Ps 103:20-21; Isa. 55:11) through the shofar is undeniable and has often been demonstrably visible to us and everybody else. We, Yeshua’s Body, are His extension through whom He establishes the Father’s Will and Purpose on earth as He Himself did so.

    Today, the ministry of prayer, intercession and spiritual warfare (Eph. 6:10-16) is of ever-increasing importance and magnitude – NOT to exalt the intercessors, but to decree and activate the Father’s purposes on earth. For example, the Book of Revelation’s prophecies cannot be prayed away BUT – we can pray INTO them! These events are not chiseled in stone. Although Scripture cannot be broken (Jn 10:35), God’s Mercy and Grace always allows for some intervention BECAUSE – He does not wish for any man to perish but for all to come to repentance and be saved (1 Tim. 2:4; 2 Pe 3:9). Not long ago, the Lord had us pray His Word into the war of Armageddon and the war over Jerusalem, and as we did so, the manifest authority we had was awesome. Twice the Lord told us (the 2nd testimony came by a person who had not heard the first one) that while carrying out this assignment there was nothing more important than this happening in all the earth.

    Our main subjects will be the Body of Messiah, the House of Israel – the Jews and the soon returning tribes – and the prophetic events foretold in Scripture. The present topic of foremost significance is the covid-19, its vaccines and the resulting outcome. Unless God intervenes through us  –  the ONLY way God intervenes as He never ever overrules man’s free will – the consequences will be terrible. The plots and schemes planned for decades by the New World Order (NOW) and One World Government (OWG) “elite” will be carried out unhindered with satan’s backing. We alone, the Body of Messiah, can block those schemes, divert them, weaken them or even empty them of their power and thereby prevent them. God’s people – all of Israel and the engrafted Gentiles – must be shielded from those terrible times and events (such as Yeshua promised the Body of Philadelphia), or at least empowered to endure and overcome, all the while being emboldened to serve God in carrying the weak and the fearful, willing even to lay down their lives for them.

    Such is the mission of the Eilat Prayer Tower!

    Those who are unaccustomed to PRAYING God’s Word – NOT their own words – I will teach (examples of how to pray for Israel are at https://ortzion.org/teaching_type/watchmen-prayers; https://eilatprayertower.org/communications/let-the-righteous-prevail-over-the-wicked). Those who have never blown the shofar, Apostle William T. Hodge, director of GCU Academy, will teach, as well as expound on the astonishing importance and power of the shofar.


    Invitations will be sent out via FB Messenger, WhatsApp and Email. The weekly meetings will be held on Wednesday, Israeli time at 18:00,  i.e. 6:00 p.m. For example, it will be 11:00 a.m. in Detroit, Michigan and 17:00 p.m. in Rome, Berlin and Paris. In New York it will be 11:00 a.m., while in Honkong 23:00 p.m.; in Capetown 19:00, in Canberra, Australia 11:00, and in Austin, Texas 10:00. Hence, everyone must adjust their meeting time to correspond with 18:00 Israeli / Jerusalem time.

    We will use Zoom as it allows for many participants. If a meeting is cancelled, all participants will be advised. Contact me on the Eilat Prayer Tower website, or on FB Messenger, or WhatsApp, or Email.

    In anticipation of your joyful response to God’s clarion call, I send you His blessings in Yeshua.

    Annelore Rasco   [Elinor * Mama Israel]

    [1] https://www.desiringgod.org/interviews/ministry-idolatry ; https://ericgeiger.com/2013/05/five-questions-to-discern-ministry-idolatry/ ; for the Crouches TBN, the largest TV ministry in the world, became their god, which so blinded them they did not even realize how they were compromising the Lord Yeshua’s Name and the Gospel – see https://ortzion.org/archives_type/newsletter-vol-22/ pg 05-07; https://ortzion.org/archives_type/newsletter-vol-23/ pg 03-04

    [2] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oGt8Lnhgrz8

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