Heavenly Invitation

The Voice of the LORD is sounding; the Voice of the LORD is calling: “Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?” We hope you have ears to hear the divine call and a heart to obey it as you may already have been chosen by Him, mature disciples who know the importance and power of prayer and of - Israel.

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Trump Biden Prayer

These are prayers based on God’s Word, adapted to the present situation of national need and importance. These are all examples of how to adapt and apply Scripture to a situation, or a need, to overturn wicked plots and schemes, lies and slander, and replace it with justice and righteousness. Those of you who have a shofar and know how to blow it, pray those prayers into the shofar, then send them forth in Yeshua’s Name – in the direction of the White House. And the angels, God’s mighty ones who do His will, will hearken to His Word VOICED BY AND THROUGH the shofar, and go forth and perform it.

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God’s Good Promises

Reminder To God Of His Good Promises To Israel And Jerusalem "Beloved Father in heaven, Your words and promises are true and pure, as silver purified seven times in a…

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