God’s Good Promises

Reminder To God Of His Good Promises To Israel And Jerusalem "Beloved Father in heaven, Your words and promises are true and pure, as silver purified seven times in a…

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About Freemasonry and Sangreal

hiefly, it is based on the same principle how G-d destroyed the unity and power at Babel, when the people had one language and were all in agreement. What you two call a “ritual” is not really a ritual but is meant to “dismember” the various fractions of Freemasonry, of which the “offspring,” the descendants are all over the world.

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Regarding The Eilat Prayer Tower

Jer. 32:41-42; Ezek. 36:22, 32; 1 Cor. 13; Zeph. 2:2 – Abba, it has been Your perfect will to give us the Eilat Prayer Tower as our home, that we and other believers, intercessors and prayer warriors may gather and pray Your will into the earth, especially for Israel, reminding You of all of Your good promises and that You will do good to Israel with all your heart and all your soul, and heal and save Israel for Your holy Name’s sake. We seek after holiness, Abba, and to walk before You with all love, faith, and hope, in humility of spirit and meekness of heart.

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The Future Of Eilat

Isaiah 22:12-13 – Holy One of Israel, in the days of the corona virus, in that day You, the Lord God of hosts, called us to repent, to weep and mourn, to fast in sorrow for our sins, even to wear sackclothes to show our remorse. But instead, the moment some of the restrictions were lifted, the people returned to partying, going to pubs and restaurants, and said, “What’s the difference; Let us eat, and drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die anyway.” It was back to Elati way of life –

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