The Wonderful Truth About The Shofar

       God’s holy Trumpet


    Today I will explain the use of the shofar, WHY the shofar is an essential part of every assignment.

    It is not just spiritual or philosophical (philosophy has no part with what is foremost spiritual) but in G-d’s plan very practical. If you will look up in your Strong’s Concordance (because I use the numbers in this Concordance) you will find that the word always translated into the English as “trumpet” is most of the time the word “shofar” in Hebrew (see #7782). When reading the occasions at which the shofar was blown, one can see that it is one of the “voices” of G-d, as occurred at the mount of G-d in the Sinai. It is blown for calling together the men of war, going out for battle, the walls of Jericho came down from the blasts of the shofars, Gideon routed with mere 300 men a powerful enemy, sounding the shofars, shouting, “For the LORD and for Gideon!”

    The shofar has its origin with the “Akida of Isaac”. Isaac’s birth was supernatural, not having been fathered nor conceived in the strength or lust of the flesh but by the power of G-d alone. This “promised seed” of Abraham foreshadows the “Promised Seed” of G-d decreed in Gan Eden, Who would bruise the serpent’s head and he, His heel.

    According to the biblical account in Gen. 22 G-d commanded Abraham to offer up Isaac on Mt. Moriah. I shall not go into the many view points and interpretations expressed about this, but by what is written and what I was shown in 3 consecutive night visions, pg 03, plus the Holy Spirit showing that Abraham’s hand holding the knife was on the way down (Ge 22:10) before the angel of the Lord (WHO was THIS angel of the LORD? In Scripture only ONE is called the angel of Yehova, and that is Yeshua) called out from heaven and stopped him (11-12).

    G-d accepted the sacrifice of Isaac as rendered, wherefore He provided a ram caught in the thicket to carry out the burnt offering. According to tradition, Abraham took one horn, G-d the other, which was heard blown by Him on Mt. Sinai.

    What is so special about the shofar is that the shofar is linked to Yeshua’s Sacrifice, which was foreshadowed by Isaac’s Binding and brought to completion by the ram offered up as a burnt offering in Isaac’s stead.

    The shofar is not a mere ram’s horn, it represents Abraham’s faith and willingness to let go of what was dearest to him, the son who had been promised to him by G-d. It represents our Savior’s sacrifice, the supernatural Son of Promise, and with it has resident in it the power of His blood and cross. It is a Voice of G-d as is also the thunder or that still, small voice, or the crashing of breaking waves. The devils and demons fear the shofar for when it sounds, all what I just shared comes against them in great power. And I posted here also a picture that shows flames shooting out of the shofars when blown, especially by believers in Yeshua, so there is also the presence of the Holy Spirit.

    Speaking now of the practical side, just as going out to battle, we purposefully pray the Word of G-d into the shofar before we sound it. We only pray those Scriptures the Holy Spirit clearly indicates. In such case the shofar is not only a battle horn, it is
    A. the instrument that VOICES the Word of G-d (see Ps 103:20-21 … where the angels HEARKEN to the VOICE of G-d’s WORD and then go and carry it out, doing His will)
    B. and is LINKED to the Akida,C. LINKED to Yeshua’s Sacrifice,
    D. LINKED to His blood and cross, to the awesome authority of His Name.
    E. Furthermore, our VOICING THROUGH THE SHOFAR G-D’S WORD causes us to be accompanied by His angels who go forth to carry out the Word of G-d sent forth by the shofars.


    Now, when we pray the Word into the shofar the Lord helped us to put together from the Scriptures to apply to a situation or condition, when we have prayed this at the mouthpiece into the shofar and then blow the shofar, we are sending this prayer out. What we are actually doing is VOICING THE WORD OF GOD IN PRAYER first of all with our own voice; but then moreover we are voicing it with one of God’s voices – the shofar, just like the rolling thunder or a soft wind or a storm, etc. are also His Voice. But when WE voice the Word into the shofar and then blow it we are VOICING IT again – with GOD’S VOICE the shofar. This doubles up the power of the verses 20-21 in Ps 103!

    But this is not all, beloveds. When Apostle William T. Hodge and I stood on Mt. Gerizim (the mount of promise) and he asked me to pray into the shofar, I felt moved to pray Ezekiel 37, and he was stunned to hear me pray what he was praying quietly in the Spirit. So we were both praying a Word prayer in agreement. When he blew the shofar (he is a mighty blower on this instrument) a sudden strong gush of wind blew upon us and then along into the Shechem valley below us. And the Lord said, “This Ezekiel 37 Word prayer is now riding on the vibrations and frequencies unique to the shofar, and nothing can stop it. There is not an obstacle of any size or kind that could stop those vibrations and frequencies, neither this Word prayer of Ez 37. It will keep on travelling across the globe, unstoppable.” Wow!

                               Blowing God’s Trumpet

    Ever since, these shofar’s frequencies and vibrations, along with Annelore’s prayer of restoration, all covered by the high priestly blessing, have been reverberating across the globe together with the prior soundings.

    At that time in Australia, the shofar blasts reached Lorraine Harvey, a disciple of Yeshua and lover of Israel. She received revelation and a prophetic assignment concerning the streams in the Negev. She shared this with her pastor and eventually she, her pastor and members of the congregation travelled by faith to Israel’s South, not knowing anyone there. Searching for the place to carry out her assignment, she discovered the one congregation in Beer Sheva‘’Nachalat Yeshua‘’, or ‘’Yeshua’s Inheritance”, 3 (while the Ministry of Pastors Howard & Randi Bass is called “Streams in the Negev“; click on an image, then on “open image in new tab”, and it shows in full size), this being Annelore’s congregation. The Australians got excited when they learned that God led them to this very place where I was, the person whose prayer Ez 37 through the shofar had reached Lorraine. Only God can do things like that.

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