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This site is a gathering and sending hub for intercessors responding to a godly call from the Holy One of Israel. Our assignment is two-fold:

  • Raising up an army of mature prayer warriors in the obedience of intercessory assignment calls.
  • To bring healing and health to the Land that has been occupied and ravaged for thousands of years; and cleansing the Negev from the spirits having been cast there for centuries.

The purpose of Restoration 126 is to attract the interest and attention of mature disciples of the Lord given to prayer, to call them forth according to Isaiah 6:8.

The place of assembling together for initial prayer, instruction and teaching is in our home (Annelore, aka Elinor’s) in the Prayer Tower in Eilat, Israel, at the Red Sea.

Accommodations are free, as is morning coffee and tea. Our guest rooms can sleep 12 persons, plus beds and mattresses on the roof, with a fabulous view into all four directions.

Travel and meals are the responsibility of participants. Each guestroom has a refrigerator.