Elinor Rasco Founder, OR TZION, Inc.


Annelore (“Elinor”-“Mama Israel”) Rasco, a 1st generation Holocaust survivor, was born in Breslau, Silesia, Germany in 1943. With her mother, grandmother and aunt, she escaped on the last train out of Breslau, January 18, 1945, and was miraculously kept alive and safe by G-d. As a young adult she blamed G-d for the Holocaust and became an atheist. She left Germany in search of a new life but met only with disappointment. She tried to take her own life several times but again, G-d’s divine intervention saved her. In the summer of 1973 while she was living in Gaeta, Italy, Yeshua of Nazareth appeared to her. She sat at His feet ever since, receiving personal teaching. In 1974 she moved with her American husband to the USA.

In April 1976, in an African-American church, Victory Temple in Ewing, Dallas, TX (pastored by a white couple), Annelore, a Jewess, was baptized with the Holy Spirit and with fire. G-d has no racial preferences nor is He a regarder of persons. In August of the same year, she received the call and anointing to the prophetic office, as well as the Lord Yeshua’s instruction to “return to your people and heritage” – the Jewish people. She became active in various Jewish organizations, especially the Jewish National Fund, enrolled in a Hebrew course and attended with her sons Dallas’ oldest orthodox synagogue, Tiferet Israel. In 1978 the Lord sent her to Christ For The Nations Institute in Dallas, Texas, from which she graduated in 1980. In 1982 she founded Or Tzion, Inc., with the motto: “For The Return Unto G-d And The Land.”

She and her husband served as cell-group leaders in their home church which attracted so many visitors outside the cell group it led to Annelore holding her first seminars in a Hotel in Dallas. She soon became a strong voice in the Church speaking out against Christian anti-Semitism and wrote the book, “Blood Enmity,” and dispelling replacement theology, teaching and ministering prophetically on live radio and TV talk shows, (Testimonies) in seminars and as guest speaker in churches, Bible studies and groups like Flame Fellowship, Women Aglow across the USA.  In April 1987 she, her husband and their 2 sons moved to Israel on Aliyah. In August 2003, their daughter and her 4 children joined them in Beer-Sheva.

Author of 4 prophetic/historical books (“Nekeva: Woman is a Sign;” “Genesis II;” “Blood Enmity;” and the biographical book, “THE RETURN: A Long Way Home,” both literally and spiritually; each book took 5 years to write) awaiting publication in God’s timing. She has created The Virtual Tabernacle website (re-designed by Andre Lefebvre) with its newsletters, articles, teachings, prophetic writings and its vast source of information.

She is a mother of 3, grandmother of 9 (5 of them born in the Land), and great grandmother of 6 precious little girls, 2 also born in the Land.

She lives now with her husband in Eilat at the Red Sea, continuing her prophetic ministry from their new home, the Eilat Prayer Tower, and in Africa, Europe and the USA .

She is known for accurate prophecy; for challenging, anointed messages she brings from the Lord, and for life-transforming personal ministry.

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