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  1. Armed with the Word of G-d and the shofar, the first assignment for this army is to bring healing and restoration to the Land, which has been raped, abused, deeply wounded, pillaged, robbed and destroyed by all its occupiers. Please contact us for more details.

Since Israel is the heart and center of the earth (Ez 38:12), with Jerusalem its navel, its healing will affect the whole earth.We will be praying the Word because… 

  • Scripture cannot be broken – John 10:35
  • The Word of G-d shall not return void but accomplish that for which it was sent – Isa. 55:11
  • G-d’s angels, His mighty ones who do His Word, hearken to the VOICE of His Word and go forth and do His will. – Ps 103:20-21

Those who are not familiar with praying the Word we will teach, as well as those who do not know the importance and power of the shofar and how to blow it. All must have an understanding of the importance and power of praying the Word, conjoined with the shofar.

 2. The second assignment is the Negev consisting of the Midbar/wilderness and the Aravah/desert,       representing 60 % of Israel’s landmass. It is a place for every kind of unclean and evil spirit cast         into the Negev for countless centuries. The assignment is to clear and cleanse the Negev of them         according to the instructions we will be given by the Lord. The development of the Negev has               been like driving a car with both brakes on. Following the assignment it will speed up powerfully,       and Psalm 126 will be fulfilled before our very eyes.