Is Biden like The Biblical King Ahab?
    And Trump like Jehu, Assassin of all of Ahab’s House?

    Received a call from a long time friend yesterday saying to be careful what I write about Biden. Was told that Biden is dead and that he is being impersonated by 3 actors. My friend named their names. I was advised that all we were seeing is like watching a movie. I told the friend that for such outrageous claims I need evidence and proof – NOT from any human source as I trust none of it anymore, but from the Lord to whom I have made already a specific request. However, there is something that troubles me: I always prayed that Donald Trump would be a Cyrus to Israel and a Jehu to Washington D.C.. Jan Willem Van der Hoeven stated in one of his letters that Trump would be a Cyrus to Israel and a Jehu to the Washington elite. So, today I went to look up again the story about Jehu [1]

    If what my friend told me is true, then Trump acted indeed toward Washington, toward the so-called “deep state,” like Jehu did toward the house of Ahab, king of Israel in Samaria, and his wife Jezebel. What I find then even more troublesome is that according to my friend’s story Trump acts as a dictator, works together with the military, and has “deep state” personalities arrested, imprisoned or executed – without a trial!

    In one of my newsletters I warned about the consequences of President George W. Bush’s * invasion of Iraq, claiming he was led by the Lord to carry out this invasion. And, for the safety and protection of America and its citizen he inaugurated laws which stand until this day, with “Big Brother” keeping a watchful eye on us everywhere. I warned the readers of my website “The Virtual Tabernacle” that government had now the right to enter without prior warning or a Judge’s search or arrest warrant anyone’s house deemed an “enemy of the State” or a “sleeping cell” of terrorist organizations. They would seize everything they deem “dangerous” to the security of the State, and/or arrest such a person and have him/her disappear without a trial.

    I remember a strange event about 30 years ago when my friend Ladell Neitzel picked me up from Elk City, OK, where I had ministered. As we drove along a road – not a highway – we passed a very large meadow bordered on one side by something like a forest and enclosed with a tall electrical iron fence, and at a gate to this apparently empty property stood 2 soldiers in total battle gear, only no helmets on. What were they guarding with their guns ready to shoot? Then we shrieked in horror and surprise: we had suddenly driven into a huge mass of – FROGS! They were just hopping and leaping everywhere and we could not avoid driving over some. Ladell had to turn on the window wiper.

    “Where, in God’s name, did they come from?” we cried. Then Ladell said, “I bet you it has something to do with this fenced in and guarded grass property.”

    “You are probably right,” I concurred. “What if there is underneath a secret government or military bunker?”

    “Exactly,” she said. “The government has built secret bunkers all over the country.”

    “Right,” I said, “like for example that huge thing with tunnels underneath the Denver airport? What is that for?”

    And we kept wondering and considering all those “secret” underground bunkers and even cities so big they could contain huge numbers of people. For whom were they being built? There has been complete media silence about this. It were citizens who discovered strange “invisible” underground properties such as we did with an assault of frogs who apparently escaped underground activities that threatened their lives or their habitats.

    Is Biden indeed dead? My friend urged me not to let the curse on Biden come on the innocent actor. First of all, I did not curse Biden. I prayed him out of office and being brought to justice for his alleged theft of votes and unlawful occupancy of the White House. Since the actor is not Biden no curse would come upon him. Nevertheless, the question then remains: why did the actor agree to impersonate Biden and with that trickery fool the whole nation?

    If Trump indeed carried out acts of wholesale murder like Jehu did, then who is he? Until I hear from the Lord to either reject the stories as false or confirm them as true, I only HEARD what my friend said, but decline to believe although I have known my friend for several decades who kept on saying, “You just don’t understand. You don’t understand. What you think is real you are actually watching a movie. It is all a performance and fake.”

    I have learned in my 40+ years in the service of the omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent God and King of the universe to lean and depend on Him alone. I used to be so trusting my mother called it “bordering on stupidity.” I trusted brothers and sisters in the Lord and some of their ministries. All of them, without exception, let me down, failed or even betrayed and slandered me. Abba had said when we still lived in Carrollton, Texas, that He would allow trials and happenings by people I trusted, but I must remain strong and not faint because it is meant for me no longer to lean on the arm of flesh or trust in man but to look to Him alone, lean and depend on Him alone and trust Him only.

    Well, He has achieved this.

    This does not mean that I don’t work anymore together with brothers and sisters and some ministries, or that I would not love them. I love them all dearly, and enjoy working together with them in our heavenly Father’s and Lord’s service, I just don’t lean and depend on them. We all are still at home in a mortal body of sinful flesh, and none is100% immune from stumbling, even from committing a sin, or from suddenly dropping me like a hot potato.

    Ok, getting carried away here.

    I still leave the prayer posted I felt led to compose, Abba urging about it saying that there is a “window in time,” a “window of opportunity” to deal with the American Presidential dilemma. In one of my newsletter on the Virtual Tabernacle I noted to the readers that America has actually 2 Presidents right now: one out of Office, D. Trump, but who did not concede his Presidency to the President-Elect Biden: then the President-elect was inaugurated unlawfully as Trump was actually still the legal President. Without the alleged voter theft clarified beyond the shadow of a doubt Biden should not have been inaugurated, or the Supreme Court should have confirmed one or the other as in the case of George W. Bush and Al Gore. But then – America voted an Indonesian citizen and confessed Moslem into Office – TWICE! So, here we have 2 men being Presidents of America simultaneously.

    Uri Friedman wrote on Christmas Eve, 24-12-2016, for The Atlantic newspaper: It’s Official: America Has Two Presidents at One Time, referring to Obama and Trump.

    Now, the question is: to which 2 men being Presidents at the same time did Kim Clements refer? I referred to dual Presidency of the latter 2 before I knew of Clement’s prophecy one of my readers forwarded to me. I assume Kim’s prophecy also referred to Trump and Biden?
    Who knows the truth? Whom can we believe? Whom can we trust? If the whole nation can be that blindfolded, lied to and tricked according to the stories by this informer, then whom would we believe and trust? I know only One. Until I and some other true prophetic voices hear from Him I leave everyone to speculations.

    God have mercy on us and on our beloved nations – Israel, the tiny but ancient nation of the Holy One of Israel; America, the big and powerful but very young nation, formed by the God of all the earth.


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