• The November 2020 US Elections Sham

    These are prayers based on God’s Word, adapted to the present situation of national need and importance. These are all examples of how to adapt and apply Scripture to a situation, or a need, to overturn wicked plots and schemes, lies and slander, and replace it with justice and righteousness. Those of you who have a shofar and know how to blow it, pray those prayers into the shofar, then send them forth in Yeshua’s Name – in the direction of the White House. And the angels, God’s mighty ones who do His will, will hearken to His Word VOICED BY AND THROUGH the shofar, and go forth and perform it.
    Ps 67:1-3 “O Lord, heavenly Father, be gracious to your people Israel who live in America and our fellow-citizens and co-heirs through Yeshua, Your Son our Lord, and bless them, make your Face to shine upon the descendants of Jacob and the engrafted ones, that YOUR way be known upon in all of the United States of America and in all the earth, YOUR saving power and justice among all nations when the liars and fraudulent enemies of You, Israel and America are getting exposed and shamed in the eyes of the world.”

    Ps 68:1-4 “Arise, O Lord our G-d, let Your enemies who are also America’s and Israel’s enemies be scattered; let those who hate You and the man of Your choice whom you made a Cyrus to Israel and a Yehu to Washington, to all liberals and Democrats, flee before You and President Donald Trump! As smoke is driven away, so drive them away; as wax melts before fire, let these [unrepentant] wicked plotters and schemers be publicly exposed in the light of the Truth and shamed, so that their names and careers perish before You and in the eyes of ALL Americans, whether right, left, liberal, or altogether godless. But let the righteous be joyful; let them exult before You; let them be jubilant with joy because of Your answer to their prayers and fastings, keeping the American Cyrus in office and America still free and blessed!”

    19-23 “Blessed are You, O Lord, who daily bears up your people Israel both in their own Land and who live in safety in America, and with them bear up their host nation where they live and work in freedom; You alone are their salvation and America’s. You, Holy One of Israel, are a G-d of salvation, and to you, the Lord our G-d, belongs escape from death, from the pit of treachery and the net of treason.”

    “But shatter the heads of Your enemies, even the hairy crown of him who walks in defiance of you in his guilty ways (Biden?)… – 2 Thess. 2:10-12… – who betray the American people with all wicked deception. And those who refuse to love the truth and so be saved will bear the consequences of their own wickedness. Therefore, Father in heaven, send upon Your enemies and on those who hate the man of your choice a strong delusion, to make them believe what is false, so that all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but lies, and had pleasure in unrighteousness.”
    10 “And You said by Your prophets, that you will bring America back from her present state of depravity, You will bring them back even from the depths of Washingtonian and Masonic, New World Order corruption that they may put their scheming adversaries under their feet in Yeshua’s Name, and that their foes’ blood will descend upon their own heads.”


    Isa. 29:20 LB
    “Almighty Creator Who formed the United States of America, let the ruthless man, Joe Biden, who unlawfully occupies the Oval Office be cast out of it. Let his arrogant scoffing cause him to stumble by boasting how he seized Trump’s votes. Let all the evil ones in support of him plotting the dismemberment of America, be cut off. 2 Chr 36:16 Moreover, let there be no longer any remedy for all those who likewise seek the undoing of the United States. They have been mocking Your messengers, Lord, and despise their words, scoffing at Your prophets. Restrain Your anger against them no longer. Job 21:14 All this is due to the fact that Biden and his outrageous team and his backers like Obama did away with You, Lord. They try to undo, ‘One nation UNDER GOD,’ rendering America godless and lawless.”

    Pr 1:22, 25 “Arise, O Lord! How long shall these simpletons in government follow with impunity after foolishness? How long shall they scoff at the wise and righteous who fight for the truth with facts? How long until You put to shame these scoffers who ridicule and deride Donald Trump and his leadership? Put an end to them acting like fools who hate knowledge. Pr 14: 9 Although the scorner Joe Biden claims to be seeking wisdom, his evil heart won’t let him find it; whereas let his treachery find him out and become his undoing, Lord. May Donald Trump’s integrity and leadership skill deliver him and restore him to the White House for a 2nd term.”

    Pr 19:29 “Lord God Almighty, let the mockers and rebels who have brought unrest and chaos to the nation be severely punished, and prison garb be prepared for violent and damaging, vicious fools. Pr 21:11, 24 Sadly, the simpleton will only learn uprightness when he sees arrogant scorners punished for their pride and haughtiness.

    Pr 22:10 – America, throw out the mocker, and you will be rid of tension, fighting, and quarrels.
    “Lord, please, cast out the scorner by having the American people, the Congress and the Senate demand Joe Biden’s resignation from his illegitimate Presidency as You, Lord, cause to come to light the unimpeachable proof of the deliberate theft of votes which would have confirmed Donald Trump for a 2nd term. Let shame cover Trump’s opponents who with bribes, intimidation and threats would try to keep Biden in Office.”

    Psalm 132:3-5 LB “Lord, may Donald Trump not have been resting until he exposes the illegitimacy of Biden’s Presidency to the American people and be lawfully restored by them as the legitimate President. May he confirm the Constitution of the USA as a binding, permanent document, and initiate an enduring law for America to remain a home for the free of whatever race and faith, a law that cannot be overturned by the Bidens and Obamas of this world, nor by the NWO/OWG elites. May President Trump be unwavering toward You, the Mighty One of Israel, and toward YOUR nation, so that with Your help and steadfast love he will do it. May he also make a solemn pledge to the American people – NOT for his name’s sake or personal interests – that their nation, the home of the free and the brave, be restored as one nation under God and to the Ten Commandments, abolishing the laws that allow same sex marriage and abortions of non-life threatening pregnancies, all of which are abominations in Your sight.”

    Ro 14:4 “Donald Trump is Your servant, Father in heaven, not ours, but on behalf of our beloved nation. You chose him to serve You as a Cyrus for Israel, responsibly and trustworthy. Democrats, liberals, evil doers have judged him as a wrong doer. But You are able to make Your servant Donald Trump stand”

    Pr 24:11-12 NIV
    “Father in heaven, You have created America from before the foundation of the world according to Your plan and purpose. Let her be a nation, with Donald Trump at her helm, to rescue those being led away to death by terrorists, or tortured and killed by Moslems. May Donald Trump use his power and influence to hold back those staggering toward slaughter.”

    Lk 6:45 “Abba, Your Word says that a good man will be recognized as good by his deeds. Many have testified of Donald Trump’s kind deeds. And the people saw the good he did for America and for Israel. Your Word also says that an evil man produces evil deeds from his hidden wickedness. President Joe Biden has delivered many proofs of the wickedness of his heart with his deeds. Lord, we have the actions and speech of both men on record: one having been a blessing to America with a deep love for our nation; and the other lying, deceiving and scheming, making false promises, and creating crisis after crisis.”

    Nevertheless, let us pray Biden would either repent, and if unwilling to repent, that his “shield of occult and witchcraft” protection would be removed from him. Futhermore, let us proclaim a “gag and restraining order” over Biden’s demonic “guardian angel.” “The Lord bind your tongue and lock your mouth from breathing forth lies, false information and accusations. Be gagged and restrained, you demon who stands with Biden.”

    Isa. 54:17; Ph’pp 2:15 “Lord, may You vindicate Your servant, Donald Trump, with no weapon formed against him to prosper; rather, have him refute every tongue that has risen against him in judgment and still is. This is your heritage to your servants. May he be sound and firm as a believer in Yeshua, without rebuke, in the midst of a crooked and perverse world and Washington D.C., among whom he may excel as a leader of integrity, with wisdom, insight and understanding.

    “Send forth your VOICE, Your MIGHTY VOICE through the shofars blown by your intercessors. Let Your majesty be seen over America and her ally, Israel. Lord God almighty, give power and strength to Your people Israel and their fellow-citizens and co-heirs.”

    In Yeshua’s Name, we pray. Amen and Amen.


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