12-10-2021 Prayer To Keep Israel & The USA From WWIII

    “We come before You today – LORD God Almighty, omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient King of the universe, God of all the earth, Holy One of Israel – praying, asking in the Name of Yeshua for something that belongs to the category of the ‘impossible.’ But with YOU nothing is impossible. You are the Creator of the universe. Who knows how many galaxies, stars, planets there are, black holes and nebulas, some of the galaxies inhabited – for why else would it be said that You are King of the universe, and that You ride on a cherub through the galaxies, even ancient galaxies? Hence, why should what we will pray today be impossible for You to grant and do?”

    “Abba, Your Son Yeshua, the Messiah, our Savior, Master, Lord and King, gave His beloved disciple Jochanan [John] a revelation of the days, times, and seasons to come pertaining to our times, about this century and the one before. He opened and closed this revelation by saying, that whoever reads it, especially aloud, and keeps it, guards it in mind and heart, shall be blessed. It is the only book in all the Scriptures that opens and closes with such a specific blessing.”

    “Abba, we know and understand that reading and heeding Your Word enlightens our soul, teaches, counsels and guards us, is to keep us on that narrow path of everlasting life with You and protects us from error. What then is so different with this book of Revelation that reading and keeping it in heart and mind shall cause us to be blessed?”

    “Abba, Your prophetic daughter has read Revelation to pieces in 4 Bibles. She asked you a question and You answered her with another question, the answer to which she had to search for. This is how You taught her at first. Now she knows this book from first page to last, and often talks to You about what is written in it, especially about WWIII.”

    Isa. 40:15; 17:13; 43:3-4 NIV; Ps 62:9; Rev. 9:14-16; NIV
    “Holy One of Israel, God of all the earth, we ask and pray in the Name of Yeshua, when and where will this war break out? We, your daughters and intercessors, do not ask out of curiosity, but that we may pray very precisely, directing and aiming our prayers like an archer aims his arrow to hit his target dead center. You have all the nations on one side of a scale, and on the other side tiny Israel, who makes all the nations go up, so very weighty is Your nation in Your purposes. Yet Israel is neighbor to Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Iraq, even Iran, her declared enemies.”

    “We are told a very precise time – year, month, day and hour – when WWIII will break out:  when the 6th of Your 7 angels sounding the trumpets, sounds his shofar. At that time four very evil and powerful angels chained up at the river Euphrates will be released. Now, Turkey plans to complete this dam project in 2023. If the governments of Austria, Germany, Italy, Japan, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK, and the U.S. currently consider extending official export credits or guarantees of about $ 850 million to the Ilisu hydropower project in Turkey. If the governments of these countries fund a project which violates the most basic guidelines of developmental finance which they have collectively established, the Arab League will take a stand for its members who depend on the 2 rivers for their economy and agriculture.”

    Jer. 32:17-19
    “Lord, King of the universe, if these angels are released in 2 years, we shall come before you day and night to beseech you to keep America out of this war, and shield and protect Israel. America is the leading member of NATO, the UN member with the strongest voice, and has, or had naval and aerial bases in Turkey. However, should America help finance this project, there seems no way whatsoever to keep her out of this war.”

    “Therefore, we petition You to send out Your Holy Spirit worldwide, to every church in every nation, to all Your intercessors and prayer warriors, to put on their armor and come before you 24/7 to intercede. Let them not waste any time but be on their knees and faces, confessing, repenting, weeping, fasting and pleading, with supplication and petitions to intreat You to keep their sons and daughters out of this war.”

    “Father in heaven, You spoke and said to me, ‘Go and prophesy from the Book of Revelation.’ America, of whom You made me a citizen, is

    My dual citizenship

    in great danger of losing hundreds of thousands of her sons and daughters.”

    “WHAT MUST WE, THE BODY OF CHRIST, THE CHURCHES DO, TO PREVENT THIS? What do You require of all who call upon the Name of Jesus Christ / Yeshua the Messiah, to hear and grant their supplications and keep the USA out of WWIII? Abba, in the natural this is impossible. BUT NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH YOU!”

    “What must we do besides what You said in Your warning message in 2019, ‘Wake up! Your House is on Fire!’? What must we do for You to do the impossible and keep America, a NATO and UN member supporting this Dam project, from entering or being drawn into this war?”

    “We pray with Your servant, the prophet Jeremiah, ‘Ah, Sovereign Lord, You have made the heavens and the earth by Your great power and outstretched arm. Nothing is too hard for you18 You show love to thousands but bring punishment upon the children for their parents’ sins. Great and Mighty God, whose Name is the Lord Almighty, 19 great are your purposes and mighty are your deeds. Your eyes are open to the ways of all mankind; you reward each person according to their conduct and as their deeds deserve.'”

    “We plead, oh God, place the whole Body of Messiah Yeshua on their faces before You now, without further ado. May all who are able do an Esther Fast and cry out with loud cries and tears, ‘SAVE AND KEEP AMERICA FROM WWIII!'”

    “As Your intercessors we decree and declare Joe Biden be speedily removed from Office either by resigning, or by covid-19, or by impeachment, as well as his VP. Let the united Body of Christ, and even Republicans and Democrats, be united in one purpose – to repent of having stolen the victory from the rightful President, Donald Trump, and restore him asap to the office of President of the United States of America. You raised him up as the Cyrus of our time. Hear his prayer because of his righteous deed of recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s eternal capital, and confirming America’s acknowledgment of it by moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem.”

    “Abba, You also made me a citizen of Israel, and used me to restore part of the House of David to the fold, heritage, land and the people. You appointed and anointed me to the prophetic office and made me a warrior for the Truth, an intercessor and prayer warrior, and brought me with my husband to Eilat, giving us the Eilat Prayer Tower to be our home. Now I and the intercessors You have joined with me, plead with You also for Israel, to keep Your beloved alas backslidden nation safe from WWIII. Be a Shield round about Israel, a wall of fire that cannot be penetrated. Let the blood of Yeshua and His cross form a chasm round about Your nation so that no demon, no weapon, no bullet, no bomb, no missile can get across, nor anything that would bring death and destruction.”

    “Holy One of Israel, the God of Jacob and Guardian of Israel, let the whole world see that You are still with Jacob and have not rejected Israel when You protect Israel from even a bullet that would stray into the country. Nothing – no weapon, no one – shall harm Israel while this terrible war rages nearby and causes the death of 2.53 billion and countless injured..”

    “Almighty Father in heaven, we understand that the Middle East will never be the same again after this war, and the balances will have shifted. Nevertheless, we Your intercessors shall keep coming before You, reminding You of all Your good promises to Your people and nation Israel, in which all members of the Commonwealth of Israel, the genuine followers of Messiah Yeshua, share.”

    “Abba, we pray that this prayer will be heeded by the churches worldwide, especially in America and Israel. Cause it to be pass on speedily from church to church, from state to state, from country to country. May the parable of the 10 virgins be a warning; although none of the Body of Christ are destined for wrath, those who reject the warning and slumber; praying not, nor preparing, will find themselves outside and subjected to the trials and afflictions of WWIII.”

    “Let the fear of God counsel and protect us, and the love of God guard us and keep us safe. In the Name of our Savior, Lord and King, Messiah Yeshua, we pray. Amen and Amen.”

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