• A story no man can make up, imagine or in invent

    This story begins with 2 American men wanting to come to Israel to carry out an assignment on Mt. Gerizim. It was their first time to Israel and they knew nobody there. A friend of theirs over whom and his daughters I once had prophesied in Grand Rapids, Michigan, a prophecy which came true, told them of me. One of the 2 men, Harvey, wrote me an email I replied to not very kindly, assuming from what he wrote he is one of those Christians who believe when they come and preach then all of Israel will get saved. I agreed to meet with them. I advised them that they should have their lunch on their way down to Beer Sheva.

    That’s when this story has its true start.

    The Lord said to me in a rather stern voice: “You prepare for them a very fine lunch, and put out your best dishes.” I was shocked. Who then were those 2 men for Abba to order me to do that, and this with a rather grave voice?

    I did just that. I cooked my popular chicken soup, accompanied with toasted bread, cheeses and luncheon meats and a tossed salad, served on my best table cloth and Shabbat dishes. When they arrived the shorter one, Harvey, started immediately talking over which I forgot to serve the chicken soup. Oy! They shared with me their assignment on Mt. Gerizim, which was the reason why they came to Israel.

    When the apostle William T. Hodge sat with me in my room, he said, “I know who you are.” I replied, “well, yes, of course, Elinor Rasco. Thomas told you of me.”

    “No, he said,” smiling, “I don’t mean that. I know who you are. You are the woman of ……” My mouth dropped open. IMPOSSIBLE!!! Nobody knew, not even my husband. Absolutely nobody! It took the Lord’s prophet Chuck Flynn, at the end of his seminar at Word of Faith in Farmers Branch, Texas, on February 28, 1982, and 2000 witnesses, for me to finally believe this. The fear of deception had kept me from continuing to write on my first book. Hence, how would this stranger with whom I met for the first time know this? I was speechless, dumbfounded. Who was this stranger? Who was he and his companion that Abba told me with such an austere voice to prepare a table and lunch for them like for “royalty” with our humble means?

    After they had gone back up to Jerusalem to drive from there to Mt. Gerizim, the Lord said to me, “Go and join them.” I wasn’t going to ask why, remembering his tone of voice. I called and told them what Abba had said. They were delighted. We met up near where they stayed and then could not find our way down out of Jerusalem, curving and curving around. I prayed to help us get out, when I heard the Holy Spirit say, “Don’t worry, you are right on time, in G-d’s perfect timing.” Right on time for what, for whom?

  • A Native Israeli Cohen

    Sure enough, we finally found our way down the hill, and at the foot of the mountain turned right. But then we did not know which way to drive to Mt. Gerizim. There stood an ultra orthodox young man, and I said, “I’m going to ask this religious dude.” Well, the “dude” happened to be a native born Israeli Cohen who needed a lift to get still on time to a class he taught in Modiin. He was going to tell us how to get to Mt. Gerizim on the way to Modiin. We were delighted.

    As he sat in the back next to Harvey, he saw the shofars piled behind the backseat. He inquired about them. I told him in Hebrew about the 2 men’s assignment on Mt. Gerizim. The young Cohen got very excited, explaining to us how prophetic this was, and introduced himself with name, and that he is a native born Cohen. I told the 2 men who got immediately just as excited. We had picked up a genuine Israeli born Cohen who understood the prophetic significance of the shofar and Mt. Gerizim. G-d’s “perfect timing.” LOL

    Still excited he asked for the names of those 2 men’s mothers. None of us understood why he wanted to know this but they told him. Then our Cohen thanked G-d for their mothers and blessed their wombs for having given birth to those 2 men. Talk about being dumbfounded. Here we were, altogether 4 strangers who had never met before, one an Israeli Cohen blessing the wombs of the mothers of these 2 strangers he had never met before, did not know who they were, except they came from Michigan. No Cohen in his right mind does such a thing. No way! Then he prayed the Birkat Cohanim over my 2 “important” visitors.

    When we let him out at a gas station he seemed to realize how odd, how strange this was what he just had done, and concerned asked me, “Hem Jehudim, nachon?” (They are Jews, right?)  “Of course,” I replied, myself convinced of this because the Holy One of Israel would never have a Cohen pray these prayers over Gentiles, not even if they were Christians.

    We arrived at a place not knowing which way to turn. Just then happened a border police man arriving there, who gave us directions in fluent English. This excited William a lot.

    Driving into to the Druze village we took a wrong turn which –  turned out to be the right turn, because we came upon a young Druze who just happened to stand there who took us where we wanted to go. We got into a little argument with the curator of the site about the entrance fee, but came to an agreement. The young Druze took us across an archeological site of a Byzantine town to an absolutely ideal plateau. We had to do a little climbing well worth it: here we stood on Mt. Gerizim, with a perfect view over the whole valley of Shechem.

    Bill wrapped himself into the coat the women had especially sewed for him to send forth from this Mount of blessings all the names that were given him. As he did a sudden blast of wind came up. The accoustic was simply awesome, carrying the names riding on those tunes. Bill is an accomplished shofar blower who can solicit tunes from it like from a mere trumpet. The spot  G-d had chosen for us to carry out this assignment is like a vast natural amphitheatre where one could be heard from far.

    Now the second reason why the Lord had me join the 2 apostles became apparent: Bill felt prompted to hand me the shofar to pray into it. I only pray Scripture in intercession, adapting it to the circumstances, and felt moved to pray Ezekiel 37 into the shofar. Bill could hardly believe his ears; this was precisely the same prayer he felt led to pray.

  • Vibrations And Frequencies

    When finished Bill put the shofar again to his lips and sent this prayer of Ezekiel 37 with such mighty blasts all across the Shechem valley it echoed back and forth. Once again, a sudden blast of wind seemed to have just waited to carry that prayer riding on the vibrations and frequencies of the shofar. Later the Lord taught me that those vibrations and frequencies coming forth from the shofar will travel across the globe, unstoppable. No obstacle in their way would be able to stop them.

    The Palestinians in Nablus probably were shaken in their boots. Had the end of the world come?

    The young Druze standing a short distance away from us was literally shaking, with eyes full of fear staring at us. Who were those 2 men and this woman? Harvey seeing this grasped the opportune moment and prayed for the young Druze, leading him to Yeshua, as we 3 were obviously G-d sent in this young man’s eyes. Before we left we 3 prayed together for him and I gave him a few instructions in Hebrew lest he would lose what he just had received by faith.


    Wherever Bill and Harvey went, they would sound the shofar, and the people totally loved it, asking them to sound it again and again, even though it was outside of the traditional time for blowing the shofar, which is during the high holidays. But nobody stopped them. On the contrary. Even when they blew the shofar at the Kotel, some ultra-orthodox men approached them, wrapped them into tefillin – an incredibly powerful and holy mitzvah – and blessed them. Both men were like wrapped with an invisible mantle of authority that made them irresistible and accepted and blessed wherever they went.

    When they had climbed up on prayer mountain at Ir Ovot / Tamar Park of which I had told them to go when they asked me what place would be best for sounding the shofars over the Negev, a prophetic intercessor sister, Laurie Boyd, who was part of those who prayed for the 2, messaged them that the waters beneath were stirring when they sounded the shofar. The interesting thing is that she did not know that there is indeed underground water, 30 km wide, 300 km long, deep below of the whole of the Negev, with the life expectancy of a 1000 years, called waters of creation. Laurie had no inkling.

    The Ezekiel 37 prayer riding on the shofar’s vibrations and frequencies literally “struck” a woman in Australia. Lorraine Harvey, a disciple of Yeshua, shared that she felt “hit, struck” with a sudden deep, great compassion and love for Israel. She had never before felt like that for Israel. It came very sudden, like out of the blue, and it was on her mind now day and night, and that G-d wanted her to do something for Israel, but what? It seemed that it was especially Israel’s South that was on G-d’s heart. Lorraine shared this astonishing, stunning yet marvelous experience with her pastor to see what he made of it, what it meant. The pastor, Ross Poulton, shared Lorraine’s remarkable experience with the congregation and the people began to pray until some prophetic words gave them direction what they were to do. Lorraine was in charge of the banners they were to create. One was a master piece of enormous length prophetically foreshadowing Psalm 126’s restoring of the streams in the Negev. She also designed costumes for their presentation of Israel crushed to the ground and then being raised up again, “Arise and Shine.”

    They believed they were to go to the South of Israel and came to Beer Sheva, the “Metropolis” of the Negev. They knew no one there but happened to come upon the “Bible House”  where they were told of Nachalat Yeshua (“Yeshua’s Inheritance”), a Messianic congregation in Beer Sheva. They met with Pastor Howard Bass, and here they were: members of an Australian congregation having come to Israel’s South stirred up and called by Bill’s shofar call to carry out an assignment from G-d. The Lord led them to the very congregation where I, who had prayed Ezekiel 37 into Bill’s shofar, attended.

    No one but G-d alone could arrange for these things. All of this was beyond man’s power and ability. One cannot make up such a story. G-d “wrote” this story and made the impossible possible in a manner that does not look like a miracle until one considers the circumstances and how everything fell in place like puzzle piece after puzzle piece.

  • The Australians At Nachalat Yeshua

    The Australian Team. The man with the hat on is Pastor Poulton, next to him stands Lorraine Harvey

    Lorraine leading the Ezekiel 37 Restoration prophetic assignment, waving banners she designedLorraine leading the Ezekiel 37 Restoration prophetric assignment, waving banners she designed


    The “7 Streams in the Negev” banner of extraordinary length; just as the story of the Australians coming exactly to the congregation where I am member of is extraordinary. They were thrilled when they heard the story that led to their coming, and that the woman who prayed Ezekiel 37 into Bill’s shofar was right there in this place to which the Lord led them. Yes, awesome indeed.

    The “Israel, Arise and Shine” performance, the one with the blue sash playing Israel.

    Sharing Erev Shabbat dinner with us at Nachalat Yeshua’s meeting place. I am the blond next to the dark haired lady in the white sweater.

    The “Lion of Judah” banner.

    Yours in Yeshua,