Bringing Change to Covid-19, It’s Vaccines And The Green Pass

    Zech. 4:6-7; Gen. 50:17-20; Ex 33: Isa. 46:1-13; 54:9-10; 2 Cor. 9:8; and other Scriptures.

    “Grace! Grace! Grace! We shout in the mighty Name of Messiah Yeshua. For what are you, O great mountain of covid-19? Before Yeshua and the Body of Messiah you become a plain, and with the Word of God we decree you become as nothing, as non-existent, while the deliverance not seen we call into existence. We decree and declare you bound on earth as you are bound in heaven, and deliverance and healing released into the earth as it is in heaven. ”

    “Please, forgive we plead you, almighty Father in heaven, the transgression of your people and their sin, for they did wrong in Your eyes. And now, please forgive the transgressions of Your servants. As for Satan who meant evil against Your people and the Body of Messiah, Israel’s leaders deceived by him, we trust and believe that You, our God, the God of all the earth, meant it for good in order to bring about to preserve many people alive and unto eternal salvation, as is happening presently.”

    “Now therefore, we pray You, if we have found grace in Your sight, let us know Your ways how to bring to nothing covid-19 and its vaccines, and the evil, dictatorial green pass to put your people, the Body of Messiah and all peoples into bondage. Yeshua, our Lord, because we have found grace in Your sight and are known by You by name, let us know how to undo the works of the evil one. Let him be bound off the extension of the time of grace the Father has granted in Your heavenly courtroom[1], into which the lying Accuser has unlawfully transgressed. Yet your scepter of grace is still extended at this time over all peoples.”

    “For how can it be known that we have found grace in your sight from the covid-19, we and Your people? Is it not by Your standing with us against the evils of covid-19, its vaccines and the green pass, that we, the Body of Messiah, and Your people may be distinguished from all the other peoples who are on the face of the earth? Therefore do this thing which we ask of You in the Name of Yeshua, Your Son our Lord.”

    “Corona virus, bow down; Accuser, stoop low. Let the pagan idols no longer be mentioned among us; let their images in homes and malls and public places and buildings be put away for they are burdensome on the nation. Let the Corona virus, its vaccines and green pass stoop and bow down before the Holy One of Israel, together with the health ministers who put the nation in bondage with their “rules and restrictions,” making of Israel an apartheit state by dividing the nation between the vaccined citizens and those not vaccvined.

    “Listen to the Lord our G-d, you descendants of Jacob, all the remnant of the people of Israel, you whom G-d has upheld since your birth, and have carried since you were born. Therefore, Oh Lord our God, let us find grace in Your sight, sustain us in this pandemic and rescue us from the covid-19, its vaccines and green pass. Let us be free to go where you send us, to travel by bus, train, plane without restrictions, except perhaps for only a quick corona test at stations and airports good for 72 hours. Set us free to carry out your assignments here in the Land and across the globe. Raise Your power upon us that nothing and no one may limit us to serve You and assemble in Your Name, and that doors open both here and abroad.”

    “You alone are our God, and there is no other; You are God, and there is none like You. Make known to us the end of this pandemic and global control of the peoples by wicked men and women who strive against You, and grant us to know and understand what is still to come that we may be prepared for it and abide in Your grace. Confound the many mighty and powerful, the rich, the national and military leaders who say in their heart, ‘There is no God. He does not see nor know what we are doing in secret,’ as they are trying to annul Your plans and overturn Your purpose. Let them be brought low and tremble in fear at the sight of Your outstretched arm with the Scepter of grace still extended over all the earth, Your hands still at work on behalf of your people Israel and the Body of Messiah. Yeah, almighty Father in Heaven, we pray in the Name of Yeshua and believe that you do what You said, perform what You spoke, and bring to pass all Your purpose and good promises to Your people Israel and the global Body of Messiah.”

    “By the power of the blood of Messiah, by the power of His cross, and in the authority of His Name, let Satan’s lying work of the covid-19 pandemic, his lying Pfizer vaccine, mRNA/Modern vaccine and the crippling green pass go into captivity, and be held fast in the belly of the earth. Yeshua, our Savior, bore in His body on the cross the covid-19 together with the vaccines even then, and took it in His mortal Body which bore all of mankind’s sins, abominations, sicknesses and diseases into the grave, to Death, Sheol and Satan. There let all of these afflictions remain bound forever and ever.”

    “Apart from You, Lord Yeshua, we can do nothing. We are lost without you. But you exhorted us and said, ‘Ask in My Name, and you shall receive. Keep on asking and you shall keep on receiving. If 2 or more on earth agree on anything you desire to be done, asking of the Father in my Name, it shall be done for you.’ Beloved Lord Yeshua, whether bodily present or via this Zoom, all of us meeting together every week, in total agreement of the requests we make known to you those days, we thank You that it shall be done for us as we have asked You, and that we might find grace in Your sight for this very prayer.”

    “Let it be a witness and a testimony the world over that You alone are God, that You have power over the covid-19, its vaccines and the green pass, and that all the wizards and witches, Satanists and Luciferians, Freemasons and Sangreal, the One World Government (OWG) and New World Order (NWO) plotters, must bow their knee before You and to the Name of Messiah Yeshua, King of kings and Lord of lords, who has overcome all the power of the evil one and has delegated to us, His Body of believers, this same power and authority. We bow our knee to no other; do not submit to any other, nor bow to fear, for You have made us more than overcomers by the power of your blood and cross, and Your resurrection.”

    “Be it done with covid-19, its vaccines and the green pass according to our prayer, in Yeshua’s Name, Amen and Amen.”


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