• To Be A Bright Beacon Of Light For The Entire Region

    Isaiah 22:12-13 – Holy One of Israel, in the days of the corona virus, in that day You, the Lord God of hosts,  called us to repent, to weep and mourn, to fast in sorrow for our sins, even to wear sackclothes to show our remorse. But instead, the moment some of the restrictions were lifted, the people returned to partying, going to pubs and restaurants, and said, “What’s the difference; Let us eat, and drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die anyway.” It was back to Elati way of life –

    Isaiah 5:11 – Wordly ways worse than the Gentile nations, their young women more naked than dressed, wordly music festivals, parties and drinking late into the night, and much immorality. They do not see your work nor have any regard for it, O LORD, nor do they consider the work of Your hands, for in Eilat people are in pursuit of happiness and joy, eating, drinking, for who knows tomorrow we may die.

    2 Timothy 3:4 – But we pray You, our God, the Holy One of Israel, to turn Eilat from a town whose people are lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God into a town of God-seekers, who delight in You. Change their gathering together to party, eat and drink, to come together to praise and worship You, to pray to You and seek Your Face.

    Isaiah 49:6 – Beloved Abba in heaven, please make of Your Eilat Prayer Tower a bright beacon of light to draw Your intercessors and prayer warriors to intercede and pray according to Your perfect will, plan and purpose. Let Your prayer tower draw sinners unto Yeshua like moth is drawn to the light. And let Your purpose of transforming sinful Eilat into a beautiful Light tower for the Gospel succeed abundantly.

    Isa. 47:8; Ph’pp 2:15; Eph. 5:8, 14 – Let it please You, Abba, to turn Eilat, at present still given to pleasures and dwelling carelessly, into a magnet for believers in Yeshua, drawing His disciples, children of God without blemish in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation among whom they will shine as lights in the world, to come down to us here at the Red Sea. Call them forth with the purpose to join with us in the Eilat Prayer Tower, to pray Your will for Eilat into the earth. Bring Yeshua’s disciples to Eilat, which is captive to darkness despite the blue sky and sunshine, to shine brightly here, spreading Yeshua’s aroma of love and kindness, of mercy and forgiveness, to transform Eilat from seeking after worldly pleasures to seek after the delight of knowing Yeshua, to wake up from their spiritual slumber and death that Messiah may give them light and they will shine as children of light.

    Please, Abba, transform Eilat into a Light Tower from where to call forth and draw out from among these peoples, our neighboring nations, those who belong to You, foreknown, predestined and called from before the foundation of the world.


    Oh Lord, God Almighty, the Negev is now so on Your heart, a #1 priority in Your plans for the full restoration of Israel Your people, not only the Jews but also the tribes. Thousands of years ago You already declared the Midbar to become as fruitful as Gan Eden, and the Aravah as beautiful as the Garden of the Lord. Yes, you even restored already its 7 streams, together with the returning tribes. Already now, in our days, the farmers of the Negev can raise up 12 crops in 1 year, and there will be crops throughout the Negev according to Your Word. Therefore You had sent us out in April 2015 and 2017 to declare, decree and seal the fulfillment of these Your Words, with Your angels, Your mighty ones who do Your will, going forth to perform it.

    Therefore we thank You, Father in heaven, who calls Israel Your own Land, that You will make room for us and be with us when You send us out on the assignment You had to postpone because none of the team members could get into Israel in time due to the corona virus. But together with Your angels who had heard Your Word decreed, declared and sealed over the entire Negev, sent forth with the shofar, we will clear and cleanse the Negev of its demonic occupants, Your angels gathering them together and taking them into a place void of all life, a dark place, to be their habitat until the time of judgment.

    With great joy and gladness we therefore confess the blooming and sprouting of trees, orchards, fields, vineyards, of settlements and villages founded and towns built, a fully working infrastructure to receive and support Your returning tribal exiles, with the underground sea watering this rich agriculture for a 1000 years while the restored streams will provide clean, good water for your people’s daily life.

    Let Beer Sheva, where Abraham, Isaac and Jacob had been encamped, be a true Metropolis for the Negev as well as for the Gospel going out into all of the South, joined by the believers in Eilat, having been trained, taught and prepared for this in Your Eilat Prayer Tower. Let us be of one united heart, mind and purpose in these final days, free from carnal inclination like competition, rivalry and self-aggrandization, but having only Your interests at heart, beloved Father and Lord Yeshua, and not our own agendas and to make ourselves a name.

    May this never be, we pray, binding even right now such a carnal spirit by the power of the blood of the Lamb, by the power of His cross and in the authority of the Name of Yeshua. We decree and declare that there shall be unity of spirit, heart and mind, and no strife or division. Let the whole South of Israel be turned to the Lord, including many from among the Beduin, to become also a most fruitful place for the Gospel.


    In Egypt, Holy One of Israel, You raised up the descendants of Jacob into a nation. You chose Egypt to become the womb for your people. And when You showed Your might in Egypt and Your judgments upon their gods that Your people may have faith in You and trust You, and know and understand that there is no other God besides You, it grieved You when the Angel of death walked among them to kill Egypt’s firstborn for Your people to learn that there is no other God and that life and death are in your power. Therefore, at the time of the end You have promised You will restore Egypt, and that at last You will even say of them, “My people.” As many as were killed of Egypt’s firstborn may You save now, and even more than that. And they will believe in Yeshua, Your Son, and pray to You alone, the God of all the earth, and put their faith and trust in You, even as it is written.

    Already there is a great movement among the Egyptians turning to You, the Holy One of Israel, and embrace Your salvation with great faith and joy. For when I was going to pray against Egypt, You forbade me and said that on the contrary, I am to pray for this nation and its people. Therefore prayer on behalf of Egypt shall go forth from this Eilat Prayer Tower. May it also shine and radiate as a strong beacon of light for the Gospel into all of Egypt, exposing once for all the false gods of Egypt. Their proud history is filled with gods who were no gods, many of them having been creatures half man half animal as were created in Noah’s days, and told of them by the post deluvian men, descendants of Noah by Ham, forefather of Egypt, and Canaan, son of Ham, grandson of Noah cursed by him. They made of those beings  which were not of the same kind gods to be worshiped, in definance of You, the only true and eternal living God.

    We pray, let the Word of Truth go forth from Your Eilat Prayer Tower and from Eilat, shining brightly into the lives of the Egyptians, turning them to You, the Holy One of Israel and to Your Son Yeshua, coming to realize that You did not hate them but on the contrary had chosen their nation, their people, to raise up within them Your own nation and people. You blessed them with Joseph by whom You saved the Egyptians from perishing in the great famine, and with Jacob his father, and with all of Jacob’s children, 12 patriarchs and their offspring, all of whom blessed Egypt before they had to flee from a different pharao.

    Therefore, let Egypt be blessed indeed in these last days, and become a true friend and ally with Israel your heritage, and with former Assyria, now Iraq and its neighbors, the work of your hands.


    Abba, Your Word expressly states that it is Your will that ALL MEN should be saved. Moreover, we are told that You do not wish that ANY man should perish. Hence, this includes the people of Jordan, most of whom are so-called Palestinians, and Saudi Arabia. Today’s Jordan was once the nations of Moab and Ammon, of whom You told the Israelites that they may not harm them or war against them because they were kin via Lot. Nevertheless, Your prophetic Word forecasts utter destruction for Moab & Ammon in the last days, i.e, for Jordan. It shall be turned into a place of salt pits and nettles, you declared.

    Therefore we pray for the people who live now in this nation that before this Word of destruction will come about their place that You save out of this nation all who are called by Your Name since before the foundation of the world, who are foreknown, predestined and called to be saved and have their names inscribed in the Book of Life of the Lamb, or in the Book of Life. May all of these escape and be saved before the destruction comes.

    Thus we pray that Your Eilat Prayer Tower will send forth Your decrees in prayer and intercession, and to shine brightly with the Good News of Your salvation, with Eilat such a mighty Light Tower that it will reach the people across the Sea and the Gospel be carried deep into their Land for all to hear, be told about, to see.


    Father in heaven, we also pray for Saudi Arabia, our neighbor across the Sea. Their old king, the founder of Saudi Arabia who drove the then ruling king of Jordan out and set himself up as rightful king, making his claim by declaring that he was a direct descendant of Esau, grandson of Abraham, son of Isaac by Rebekkah, brother of Jacob. The 2 brothers struggled already in the womb, and the struggle continued not only in their lives but moreover between their descendants. Esau shall serve Jacob (Gen. 25:22-26); he even despised his birthright for a pottage of red lentils. When the time came for Isaac to bless the firstborn with the patriarchal blessing of inheritance, Rebekkah solicited Jacob to trick his father Isaac and cheat his brother out of this blessing. In the end Isaac blessed also Esau (Gen. 27:5-40), that he shall break loose from Jacob and from his yoke off his neck. Therefore may this blessing of Isaac on Esau his son come true in our days, in that even from among his descendants there are those foreknown, predestined and called from before the foundation of the world to be saved and be joined to the Body of Yeshua by faith and baptism, for Esau was also the grandson of Abraham. May you therefore raise up also from among Esau’s descendants those who are to be saved, even though You did not love Esau but hated him for having no faith but being carnal and having despised his birthright.

    Abba, with the young prince the old king has chosen to follow upon the throne, Saudi Arabia has opened up for the Gospel. He is modernizing S.A., granting the women more freedom, and even Israelis may now travel to S.A. Therefore we pray, may You send those trained, prepared and taught here in Your Eilat Prayer Tower into Saudi Arabia. Let the prayer tower you have entrusted us with serve you also in S.A. as a beacon of light for the Gospel. And let it please You to do the same by Tom Hess’ prayer house so that our 2 prayer houses will unite turning Eilat into a mighty light tower shining brightly in those nations, for as Your disciples we are meant to work in unity, with Your interests at heart, and not be competitive.

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