• The Five Angels And Their Five Trumpets

    We have gone into great detail of what happens when the 6th angel sounds his shofar:

    Revelation 9:13-1513 The sixth angel sounded his trumpet, and I heard a voice coming from the four horns of the golden altar that is before God. 14 It said to the sixth angel who had the trumpet, “Release the four angels who are bound at the great river Euphrates.” 15 And the four angels who had been kept ready for this very hour and day and month and year were released to kill a third of mankind.

    We have not looked at the 5 angels and what their sounding of the shofar will cause prior to the 6th. The 5th generates the first “Woe!”

    When the first angel sounds his shofar (Rev. 8:7), it will trigger a natural weather catastrophe out of the sky, or coming from space, which will burn up one third of the earth without specifying what, so it can be villages, towns, even cities; in addition a third of the trees and all green grass[1] will be burned up. Countries where most of their landmass is covered with forests[2] probably will be the ones most hit, and where there are large areas of grassland / pastures.

    When the second angel sounds his shofar, something NASA and global space watchers have been carefully observing for years – asteroid Apophis. Let’s check facts we already have in regard to asteroids and comets. There is another asteroid named Bennu. For years space scientists and NASA have sought to develop a missile which can strike the asteroid strong enough to divert it from its course to earth and pass her by.

    But regardless of what the world’s scientists come up with, an asteroid will not pass the earth by but strike one of her oceans (Rev. 8:8-9; Atlantic; Pacific; Indian; or the Mediterranean Sea). As it passes through the earth’ atmosphere it makes a fiery trail, and when it plunges into the Sea one third of seafaring ships will be destroyed. Moreover, whatever constitutes the substances of this asteroid will turn the water looking like blood, killing a third of the creatures living in the Sea.

    If one would know the day when this asteroid will strike which ocean?, nobody would go to Sea that day and afterwards. But even IF NASA and other scientists gather enough precise data and evidence to predict when either Bennu or Apophis would be striking the earth, all the world’s governments would strictly forbid to publicize such information. The panic and chaos this would trigger is beyond all imagination. Even if NASA can actually already now pinpoint the possible entry of one such asteroid, they might inform the President or the military brass, who then will seek ways how to protect most of the world’s population without causing suspicion. I wonder with what huge, convincing lies they will come up with for people to agree to go underground into the already existing huge facilities. We already had kind of a “dress rehearsal” with the covid-19 pandemic.

    The third angel’s sounding makes way for another space traveler by the name of “Wormwood.” John says it’s a star (Rev. 8:10-11) and it looks like a burning torch, and it falls on a third of rivers and springs of waters. This one is not an asteroid but seems to be a comet because a torch is not only a flame. It has a long body held by hand and its head is a flame[3]. The comet’s entry has it blazing like a torch, and the tail’s components or elements will be falling into flowing, streaming bodies of water, since rivers and springs are not stagnant but moving.

    The English rendering “wormwood” refers to the dark green oil produced by that plant, which was used to kill intestinal worms. The Greek word is apsinthos and implies a bitter or poisonous plant. Many men will die when drinking of the waters contaminated by this comet’s tail “wormwood,”[4] suggesting that it is a gall-like toxic.

    Most studies on Bible plants implicate a woody shrub in the sunflower family known in English as wormwoodArtemisia herba-alba. A flavoring for alcoholic drinks is made from wormwood and is known in English as “absinthe,” directly derived from the Greek word used in the New Testament. It is also known as “bitters” for obvious reasons. It has an intensely bitter taste which probably adds to its desirability as a medicine with the philosophy that anything that tastes that bad must be good for you! LOL In Germany the “Bitters” are a popular digestive, great for an upset stomach, or when having eaten particularly greasy food; likewise in Italy and France after a meal.

    I.e., men’s righteousness and justice (see the Scriptures listed in footnote 5) has become wormwood, and with wormwood they will get judged.

    [1] The reference in this prophecy is to GREEN grass, many of the countries listed in the inserted links don’t have. However, countries near the Alps and other mountain ranges are rich in green grass; Bavaria, Austria and Switzerland are literally “carpeted” with luscious, emerald green grass.

    [2] 10 countries with most forest area: Russian Federation (815; I guess hectares?); Brazil 497; Canada 347; U.S. 310; China 220; Australia 134; Dem. Rep. of the Congo 126; Indonesia 92; Peru 72; India 72;

    [3] The commentaries I have found make typically no sense, as it appears that most commentators on the Book of Revelation did not take what is described for a real physical matter but gave it metaphysical interpretation, which then, thankfully, does not mean any actual catastrophe on earth. However, none of these interpretations would cause those flowing streams and springs to be turned into a gall like, deadly sort of bitterness.

    The fourth angel’s shofar blast caused a third of daylight turned into night, like a solar and lunar eclipse, only this time also a third of the stars or of the milky way will be eclipsed as well, nor will moon and stars shine at night for a third part of it. People loved darkness more than light, because of their many crimes, murders and awful idolatries (John 3:18-20). Yet because there still remain some righteous in the earth, only one third will get darkened. However, it is after this 4th trump blast, that an eagle flies through mid-heaven and announces three woes with a loud voice.

    [4] Proverbs 5:3-5; Lamentations 3:15; Amos 5:7 ; Amos 6:12

  • The Messenger Of The Three Woes

    Then what will the fifth angel release? If the time counting of year, month and day is correct, taking us from October 29, 2021 to Monday, October 29, 2023, then those 5 trumpets precede the sixth one, whose sounding of the shofar leads to WWIII and the death of 2 billion, 633 million and 333,000 thousand. Then we would need to anticipate those catastrophes to strike the earth.

    How can we prepare for such enormous calamities? The only body of believers who is being promised in advance that they will be kept safe from all the trials to befall the earth is the Philadelphia congregation (Rev. 3:10; click on “All English translations” and you get the full spectrum of translation possibilities) of believers in Yeshua who practice His commandment of brotherly love and patient endurance; who do not compromise, disavow, reject, abnegate His name, or deny or refuse to know Him under any circumstances. It is their keeping His Word, not giving in to compromise, that Yeshua will keep them from the hour of temptation and trial.

    It is in the days of the fifth angel that the bottomless pit shall be opened and out of it will the kind of smoke arise like out of a volcano, darkening the sun and filling the air. Locust like creatures will swarm from that smoke, falling upon men, stinging and biting. Their stings and bites are painful like the stings of scorpions. It won’t kill men but cause such severe, unceasing pain no pain killer can undo. People won’t be able to sleep at night or work during the day, until they are so desperate they only want to die. But death flees from them.

    More than 40 years ago I had a vision of the night in which I rode with the Beloved of my soul, Yeshua the Messiah, in a jeep-like chariot on the highway above the earth, when He pointed silently down to the earth. The earth was like covered in darkness but I could look through it. And what I saw was so horrible that I have not been able to share this until this day. And even if I would – although words fail me to describe this – nobody would ever believe me what I saw.

    How awfully true the first “Wow!” of the eagle. Many thousands of men may have died from the first 4 calamities, even hundreds of thousands. But the 2nd “woe” brought about by the sixth angel is WWIII, the death of so many that they cannot be numbered, individually identified or buried. There will only be huge mass graves of “The Unknown Soldiers.”

    And the only hope for America to escape this war is what I shared in the beginning of this letter which turned into a teaching. I thought to write the warning about this coming war to be taken from coast to coast, from city to city and from church to church. But as I wrote the Lord kept leading me on. I did not anticipate such an in-depth information about Turkey, and writing about the 5 angels and their trumpets. Looking now back over what the Lord has lead me to write, I can come only to one conclusion: If what is written here still does not wake up the Body of Christ, does not get the righteous to fall on their knees, on their faces, with fasting, and weeping, and mourning, even wearing sackcloth, then they have only themselves to blame if their desperate cries for mercy won’t get answered.

    Obedience is better than unasked for sacrifices; and hearkening is better than unasked for rich offerings. What does He ask of us but that we love Him with all our heart, soul, mind and strength, and treat people as we want to be treated and not do to others what we don’t want done to ourselves. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, and repentance the base for God hearing our prayers.

    Prayers defiled with unforgiveness, grudges, bitterness, gossip, slander, lies, greed, immorality, etc. are an abomination (Pr 28:9; Pr 15:8; 17:15; 12:22) to God, and the perverse idolatry of ministers and ministries in the U.S. arouses indignation in God Who is a very jealous God (Nu 25:10-11; Deut. 6:15) and gives His glory to no other (Isa. 42:8). Yet He is the most tender loving, most compassionate and merciful Father to all who truly love Him, but so many in the Body of Christ have taken Him, His Son and His salvation for granted. Thus they have provoked Him to serious indignation. We don’t want to provoke Him yet more until it turns to wrath.

    Take all the time to read this teaching the Lord has given me. I started out with warning about WWIII and what will lead up to it and what the Body of Christ must do for God to spare America. But this is what He led me to write to you, the 5-fold ministry in the Body of Christ, you who together are accountable for the Lord’s sheep and lambs. Take it as serious as you would if your doctor would tell you that you have only a short time to live because you got a terminal cancer.

    This letter is more than a little teaching. The Holy Spirit just said – it is Revelation REVEALED!


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